The Instruction of Order Purchase|訂購流程教學

Step 1: Click ‘Personality Dimensions®’ > ‘Order Form and choose the required order form ‘ 2022 English and Chinese Combined Order Form’

第一步:點擊「Personality Dimensions®」> 「Order Form」後便可以選擇「2022 中英文整合訂購表」。

Step 2: Click and download the order form. Complete the order form and email to


Step 3: An official invoice will be issued and emailed as confirmation that the order has been received.


Step 4: Follow the payment methods indicated on the invoice.


Step 5: Email payment proof (Bank-in slip or Screenshot of FPS transaction or Cheque) to for processing of the order.


Step 6: The order will be shipped according to the selected delivery service on the order form and a notification email will be sent out once payment is received. 

第六步: 收到付款證明後,我們將會按照訂單上所選的送貨服務進行發貨,並經電郵作出通知。