Details of  Sales Dimensions™ Workshop

營銷透視™ 工作坊詳情

Objectives 課程目的:

Sales and marketing are not limited to commercial organizations. Other sectors such as social welfare, education, and service industry all use marketing theory and principles.

Daily routines are closely linked to marketing: Submitting a proposal to management (hoping to get buy-in), advertising an event to service targets (aiming for a high participation rate), discussing activity options at a parent-teacher association meeting (targeting for support from representatives), etc.  — We actually “market” more often than we realize, not to mention dedicated marketing professionals in organizations.

The Sales Dimensions program allows participants to understand the interactions between their own and their clients’ personality type, individual preferences, and personal styles; so as to formulate pertinent sales and marketing strategies, and to equip with the corresponding techniques for their practical application at work. Our program’s exclusive training tool, The Sales Wheel organizes and concisely presents the essences of this program in a user-friendly way.

Learn Sales Dimensions to know more about yourself and others, maximize your potential and increase the success rate in your sales targets and personal goals!


營銷不僅限於商業機構,其他界別如社福、教育、服務業等都會運用到營銷理論和原則。工作日常和營銷息息相關,如提交計劃書予管理層希望他們讚同、向服務對象作活動宣傳期待高出席率、與家教會代表討論活動方案並赢取代表的支持 — 其實我們無時無刻都在 「推銷」,專責營銷的人員更不在話下!

營銷透視課程旨在讓學員了解自己與客戶的性格類型、個人偏好、風格等 的相互作用,從而制定針對性的營銷策略,並提供相關技巧培訓,讓學員在工作上作實際應用。

本課程獨有的培訓工具 — 營銷輪™ — 簡明地將這系統的精髓整合並人性化地呈現,非常方便易用。


Commencement Date 舉辦日期:

2022/03/26 (Saturday 星期六)


9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Application Deadline 截止日期:

2022/03/18 (Friday 星期五)

Mode of study 授課模式:

Face to Face ( This workshop may be switched to online teaching mode due to COVID-19 restrictions.) 


Venue 地點:

Innocentre, Kowloon Tong

Language 語言:

Cantonese, supplemented with English materials

Trainer 導師:

Qualified Personality Dimensions®Facilitator 

Fee 費用:

HKD 800/ person

The promotional plan of Sales Dimensions Workshop is below :


・Early Bird Discount: HK$600/person

(Promotional period from now until 12 March 2022.)



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